Kumho Crugen Ht51 Commercial Tires

All-Season Commercial Tire for Passenger Transportation, Delivery Hauling and Commercial Applications.


  • 5-rib tread design featuring a stiff block
  • Wear oriented compound in combination with a wider, squared cavity design
  • Designed with 3D zigzag sipes
  • Four wide, circumferential grooves
  • Two wide steel belts that are reinforced by two spirally-wrapped nylon cord caps and a fortified sidewall construction
  • 3PMSF Certified


  • For improved straight-line stability and enhanced dry traction
  • For even grip force distribution to extend longevity
  • Provide biting edges for augmented traction and stability on snow covered roads
  • Create a vortex effect to enhance hydroplaning resistance for better performance in wet conditions
  • Offer enhanced durability
  • Road Hazard Warranty


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